Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Currently Craving: Poutine Chips

There's this magical time of the day when the children are nestled inside of their beds, and last night mama had visions of potato chips dancing in her head. I have a weakness for chips, I admit I am simply powerless over them. Pop open a bag and it's over. For that reason, I don't allow myself to even enter the chip aisle at the grocery store. So what does a girl do when it's late night and she's craving a salty crispy snack?

I first met the chipster when I attended an epicure party back in February. At that moment I heard the angels sing! You mean I can have chips, without the fat!?! It's not possible...oh but it is. If you're new to Epicure Selections I'll explain the chipster. This silicone tray makes fat free chips in the microwave in 5 mins. No seriously! crispy and delicious. For this snack you'll need only three things: your chipster, your slicer and your poutine seasoning.

Chipster, Ceramic Slicer and Poutine Seasoning for Chips

Slice your potato

Lay flat and even on the chipster, sprinkle liberally with the poutine seasoning. Put in the microwave for about 5 mins. Depending on your microwave it could use about 7 to get crispy.

Add your favourite late night tv show and enjoy all the taste of poutine without the heart attack!


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